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  Spintech looks to presales service, emphasizing comprehensive communication with customers before selling the products, so that we can grasp customer needs and position our products to provide most appropriate and satisfactory solutions; in the meantime, we can also suggest on necessary fittings for installation so that the products can be well installed without much after-sales service needed.  
  Spintech attaches great importance to develop and improve products. In addition to our own R&D targets, we also work with domestic universities on product characteristics, abrasion, vibration and structure, in order to optimize the products to meet customer demand, and ultimately uplift their own end products.  

Spintech provides a full range of shafts for traditional jobs of milling, lathing, grinding, drilling and tapping, in addition to a complete series of products for consumer electronics, aerospace , and medical industries, that are in line with the industrial standards.

  In compliance with the ISO9001 for quality control, Spintech has implemented an SOP operation, which reinforces the stage self-inspection mechanism, starting from parts all the way to production, with each stage having its own quality control, so that a complete production history is established. Every product has to go through complete tests to make sure it has good value for money.  
  Through more than a decade of cultivate and job training of the staff, Spintech has established a complete a supply chain system, which helps the entire production system with the standard operations and production scheduling to meet all delivery schedules.  
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